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Acting & Drama Classes
***** "An exceptional  play which engages all human emotions and looks at life’s issues in a unique way; it should to be widely seen."
*****"It's outrageous, it's courageous, it is one of the most bizarre and fulfilling plays of the year"
***** "Past Tents' has moments of extreme awkwardness as entirely different world views crash with the ferocity of two asteroids colliding."
Acting & Drama Classes
***** "PERFECTLY PITCHED..A good piece of off west end theatre that I could easily see playing in an intimate west end venue. Excellent."
(Numbbum reviews)

★★★★★ ‘Saw this in Penshurst this past
weekend. Loved it. Superbly written and acted
by the cast. Thought provoking, funny and
sensitive in all the right places. This play
deserves to be seen and enjoyed by bigger

audiences. Book it!’
Phil Snowdon

★★★★★ ‘Past Tents, go see it because
plays like this need to be experienced first

David Glyn White

★★★★★ ‘Just watched Past Tents and I
genuinely can’t recommend it enough.If you
want to have a proper laugh, you should
seriously check it out. Such a great story,
brilliant acting from everyone, really, really
funny, and just the right amount of gross. A
beautifully written, weirdly wholesome piece of

Omar Shaker

Acting & Drama Classes

★★★★★ ‘A very funny play brought to us
by three excellent actors. Despite the humour,
serious issues were addressed. interesting

twist at the end’
Audience Member

★★★★★ ‘Thoughtful ending to a funny
evening. Clever concept, some good jokes and

committed performances.’
Audience Member


★★★★ ‘This has really got us thinking. All
along I was trying to work out where this was
going. I won't reveal more. The actor who played

Vurgil/Virgil was excellent’
Audience Member

★★★★★ “A Funny and allegorical play about

Sam MacDonald

★★★★★ “ A very funny and hilarious play
that brings two men forced to spend the night
with each other on a run down campsite. Good
performances from the cast of three!!!”

Carol Moody

★★★★★ “A most interesting production and
highly amusing in parts – with some good twists
-The three actors put their hearts and souls into

the play with gusto.”
Margot Libbey Kibbey

★★★★★ “From someone who has spent
many hours in theatres wishing I was an Isis
hostage instead, I have to admit that this was a
piece of work you should be really proud of. Very
funny and emotionally challenging,
congratulations to everyone involved”

David Edgar

★★★★★ “Fantastic performance. It grips
you till the clever twist at the end. Thoroughly
enjoyed it and recommend seeing the play.”

Audience Member

★★★★★ “Such a funny and well acted
play! can't wait for the next one in the series”

Audience Member

★★★★★ “Very funny and witty, with hidden
depths. Lovely work all round. Congratulations

to all”
Audience Member


★★★★★ ‘We loved it - brilliantly acted with
great emotion in places, but hilariously funny
in others. You can tell the 3 guys really put
their heart and souls into this production.

Highly recommend!’
Paul Boichat

★★★★★ ‘Very funny, with well defined
characters and a story that builds. Silly, rude,
funny and poignant - what's not to like. Highly
recommend for a good night out and you'll be

smiling for days.’
Rick Crockett

★★★★★ ‘Fantastic show with witty, clever
and at times deep conversations. I love the
attention to detail and a fab show to watch -

highly recommend!
Ben Everett Riley

★★★★★ ‘Extraordinary writing and central
performance. I am jealous of all that energy.’

David D. Ballard

★★★★★ ‘An amazingly funny show, which
sparked multiple emotions, even the
unexpected ones! The guys themselves are a
laugh and show a lot of passion and talent in
their work. I would recommend giving the time
to go and enjoy the show, and if you’re lucky
enough, have a few beers with them after like I

Yvan Pisarev

★★★★★ ‘this was an amazing show , it was
heart warming ,emotional but also hilarious, I
would highly recommend going to watch this if

you get the chance

Jo Doyle

★★★★★ ‘I was lucky to be at the sold out St
Vincent show on Friday 1st September. It was
funny, insightful and brilliantly written and acted
out. Very thought provoking- fully recommend

seeing if you get the chance.’

Carly Winter

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